Troubleshooting For immediate technical support assistance, please contact our call center at 706.965.2301.

Below are some helpful tips if you are currently experiencing issues with your service

  1. Check the power, connections, and installation status.
  2. Check that plugs in the devices haven't come loose from the outlets in the wall and jacks.
  3. Confirm that there are lights on your devices.
  4. If red or orange lights are illuminated on your modem, this could indicate a connection issue.
  5. Reboot the computer, modem, and router.
  6. Attempt to visit various different websites by typing their names in the address bar.
  7. Confirm that your bill is up to date and/or you have not received a disconnect notice.
  8. If you have an internet security suit (such as Norton's 360), briefly disable the software and try again.
  9. Confirm that this is not only affecting one device or computer.

Common Issues